If you are interested in catering services in Lahore for weddings, you may be interested to know that there are many different culinary options. Of course, there are several parts of your wedding menu that you will want to attend. You may want to have a time for drinks and hors d’oeuvres. You may want to go to a sit-down dinner or you may prefer buffet-style wedding catering. Anything that you and your next spouse like and want to offer your guests may be possible. A catering package option for weddings, however, is a themed buffet.

Themed buffets offer the best of both worlds, as they include a wide variety of foods, but they also belong and help to complement their theme. Catering services in Lahore has a variety of themed buffets that help give a unique and fresh approach to the catering of wedding meals. Some of them include The Italiano, Nuevo Latino The Luau and more.


First, The Italiano introduces a Caesar salad or a Caprese salad. Other foods that include: parmesan chicken, roasted chicken with rosemary, veal lasagna, Marsala chicken, piccata chicken, grilled (with pesto cream sauce, dried tomatoes and roasted garlic). Chianti Beef Pot Roast, Osso Buco Braised, Italian Sausage With Peppers And Tomatoes, Basil Sauce Of Zucchini Or Steamed Broccoli, Linguine Pasta With Extra Virgin Olive Oil And Basil Or Italian Risotto. And of course, as much garlic bread as you can eat!


Nuevo Latino includes mixed vegetables or Caesar salad, roasted chicken with mojo, picadillo, roast chicken forever, old clothes, frying pan, Basa with red sauce or white clam and garlic sauce. In addition, the themed buffet includes white rice or yellow rice seasoned with black beans, sweet bananas and crispy bread. This is an excellent option for meals in the Karachi Beach area.


Another great option is Picnic in the Lahore. This themed buffet comes with mixed salad or Lahore cabbage salad or island salad or cucumber salad. In addition, it offers sweet bananas, steamed vegetable broth or green beans with Matchstick carrots, grilled pork, grilled chicken tamarind, chicken curry, brown stewed chicken, stewed beef cabbage, salted fish, grilled grouper with Creole sauce, chicken with mango and rum. Sauce, seasoned peas and rice or stuffed with sweet potatoes or mushrooms or macaroni and cheese. In addition, Picnic in the Caribbean includes soft rolls or Johnny’s cake.


The Luau is a great option for fun, fresh flavors. Includes islander chiles and spices Grilled chicken, Grilled Mahi-Mahi with pineapple sauce with mango, Extracted Kalua pork or Barbecue ribs for baby barbecue, Polynesian fried rice with coconut milk, Sweet potatoes roasted in slices with honey and toasted coconut, Fritters and banana slices Melon or seasonal peaches.

If you are looking for wedding catering in Beautiful County, there is no better place than Catering services in Lahore. However, ieventexpert offers a host of other services that include catering for birthday parties, business catering and catering for any special occasion.

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