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Do you have a reputation for throwing the best parties? Do you have a good eye to decorate?

If you have good skills with people to deal with the most stressed brides, then perhaps you should consider becoming a wedding or event organizer.


The names in this line of business will become popular very quickly if you are good at what you do, so if you feel you could be a big cat in event planning, you must first look for a title! Although not absolutely necessary, having a degree in interior design or a similar field can really help you choose your portfolio above the competition!

Speaking of a portfolio, that is another important thing that potential customers should consider. It is a good way to give them a vision of what they are capable of doing in terms of event planning. Prepare an illustrated book of past events you have done, including personal parties in your home! If you can see in the images that you have an eye for the design and all those who are in the background are happy and having a good time, this is the perfect thing for potential customers to see.

The good thing about this type of business is that it does not really require a brick and cement location. You can run it out of the comfort of your home, making sure you have an online presence large enough to be known. It is a good idea to have a place set up for meetings, so if you do not want a physical location, an area of your home should always be clean and ready for meetings with clients.

If you choose to have a physical location, make sure you are close to other companies that event planners usually work with. Businesses in the entertainment industry, such as performers and DJs, and other businesses commonly used for large events such as photographers and caterers are good places to have nearby. This will not only increase your exposure to the right audience but also give you the opportunity to establish relationships with these companies, which gives you a step in the door to your customer base.

Once you have figured out your location, think of some good names for wedding planners or commercial event planning names. More on this later! Once you name the business, you must make it official by registering your business with the state and with the county or city, depending on the requirements. This will ensure that you are operating in accordance with the law, including the payment of your taxes!


Once you have determined from where you will operate, it is time to find out what name you will operate with! Think of wedding planner names or event planning business names. What comes to mind? The names of wedding planners can be a bit easier since it is a company that is based on a single large event instead of many. Here are some tips to generate some ideas:

SPECIALTY: if there is a specific type of big event that you really enjoy, then market this audience by making it clear in the name of your company!

LOCATION: help potential customers find you easier without really needing direction. If you are in a crowded and famous area, such as Bourbon St or French Quarters in New Orleans, then using this in your name can be really beneficial.

YOUR NAME: Proud business owners often include their name in the name of their business! The initials are also common.

RHYME: The rhymes are catchy, and sometimes that may be the only thing that will make someone choose you in another business, the fact that they easily remembered the name of your business!

Have fun with the appointment process. Celebrate a party with your loved ones and ask for their ideas too! It could be the perfect way to find some inspiration.


The place could be an event center, a large room, an open awning or an open field. The decoration is contracted to an event planner, whose job is to interpret the chosen colors by using decorations to complement the happy union. The list of guests could have more than 250 guests, so the proper consideration of the arrangement of seats, cutlery and decoration is of great importance.

The decorations usually consist of floral arrangements, colored balloons, tapestries of both color schemes, white tablecloths and chairs covered in lace and ceremonial colors. The planner decorates the high table for dignitaries and places two prominent chairs in front of the crowd for the bride and groom. Other features could include vases and cutlery.

Catering is also a serious matter. Again, this can be done by both families. The hired restaurateurs must be professionals in their behavior and be able to prepare varied meals, such as Shahab and mubi, which are beans that have been washed, ground and steamed.

The chicken can be fried or roasted. There may be fried meat, fresh fish and catfish, as well as small chops such as sausages and meat patties. Small cakes, chin and other small delicacies are also traditional. You can also serve traditional foods such as chopped yams, amala (yam extract), fufu and wheat meals, along with a variety of vegetable dishes.

Sometimes, family members on both sides also cook extra meals to entertain their immediate guests, such as neighbors and family friends.

Beverages may be the responsibility of food suppliers or may be contracted to wholesalers or beverage suppliers. Your duty is to refrigerate drinks and serve the guests. The type of drinks can be alcohol, juice, punch, fine wines, brandy, mineral water and bottled water. Beverage handlers and food providers provide assistants who cater to the needs of the guests.

The ceremony is incomplete without the young and elegant girls (who could be friends of the bride or graduate students) who take the guests to their tables.

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