The Catering Services business is one of the most profitable and profitable domestic businesses with a high potential for expansion and growth. It is financially rewarding. Each catering event – whether children’s birthday parties, breakfast in bed and intimate candlelit dinners for two, corporate dinners and wedding receptions involving a hundred guests is a new experience and challenge with a new group of people.


Whether it’s full-time or part-time events, opportunities are excellent. However, catering is a demanding job that requires resistance, the ability to work under pressure and excellent interpersonal skills. Your success will depend greatly on your reputation. To build a good reputation in business, you should be willing to work hard and be able to work under pressure. This type of entrepreneurial activity is definitely growing and is becoming more popular among people of all income levels.

The demand for restaurant business is constantly increasing. The increase in demand for the restaurant industry is driven by the growing number of higher-income households, the number of weddings and more intense business events with companies, charities, civic groups, event organizers and people asking for restaurateurs to host on-site and off-site events. Companies of all sizes use catering lunches, cocktail parties and dinners to build their images and increase company sales. It is about keeping up with the competition in promoting a company and / or a product.

Catering Services in Lahore

In Pakistan, when there is a wedding or a dinner, the hosts look for quality food because it is not just food for them, but actually projects its own image. Most people consider it as a status symbol. Middle-class people usually require catering only in weddings or funerals, but the upper class has weddings, dinners, meetings and luxurious parties throughout the year.

The ieventexpert team has discovered that the catering sector is a profitable business with huge margins starting from a low initial investment.

The word “Organized” is the best word to describe this business. If restaurateurs are not well organized, their business can sink in a few minutes and if they are; so the business can also be a huge success in just a few minutes. Whatever the occasion, whether it be a wedding, funeral, dinner, party or a business meeting, the true work of catering is only for a few minutes starting from the moment when dinner or lunch begins and ends in the moment in which the food ends it is not more than 20 minutes. In those 20 minutes, a restaurateur could get more future projects or there are chances that it could be out of the market if the service is not correct.

Starting the Business

Catering Services in Lahore

To start the restaurant business, you must first decide what your target audience will be, regardless of whether you will target the upper class or the middle class. Once you have decided the audience, you will need to think about the maximum limit of guests you might be able to serve. As there are some restaurateurs who can serve only small parties with guests of no more than 100 and there are caterers who can serve more than 2000 guests. If you want to serve a large number of guests, you will need a larger initial investment for crockery and other essential items.

You must have an office or any place you can work from and where there is a kitchen with the best cooks. At the beginning you will have to find good events to establish yourself on the market. This depends on your contacts, otherwise you’ll have to market your business. Once you take care of some projects, your service will become famous through marketing through word of mouth.

Initial Requirements

The main requirements of this activity are the stock of crockery with tables, chairs, curtains and other decorative materials. They serve employees who include waiters, cooks and workers for the installation of tents and the initial setting of the area. To give you an idea of ​​the employees, take an example that you would like to start the business so that it is offered on average to 100 guests. For 100 guests, you need at least 8 to 10 waiters, about 4 workers and 1 or 2 chefs at the back end. This classification is used to provide a high quality catering service. If you want to serve a greater number of guests, for example 200, the number of cooks and laborers will remain unchanged, only the number of waiters will increase, but will not be doubled. For 200 guests, around 13-15 waiters will be needed. Likewise if you have increased the number of guests over time, it will be less expensive in terms of waiters and other employees.

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