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Wedding Planning and Services

Wedding Planner In Lahore. A wedding is such a special and remember able moment for families and friends. Celebrators consciously give high rank to the precious values that are introduce in a wedding and therefore lays great emphasis and effort on ensuring that the entire event is organized and executed in an attractive way and perfect fashion. From the modest of details to the grandest of issues that surround a particular wedding, IEE takes great care with service that ensures a glitch-free event.

First of all we heartly congratulate you for your special day. Every Detail appreciates that planning a wedding can be very time consuming task. We know that all the worries and tension that goes into planning of one of the biggest events of your life – we take away. Your tailor made package is designed to alleviate many of the pressures and hassles and help you enjoy each moment of your wedding planning.

Hiring a wedding planner does not mean that they are responsible for making all the decisions for you. We can co-ordinate you with every detail you make all the decisions and our recommendations are simply that – ensuring that every detail of your wedding is exactly as you dream. Our services are particularly custom built and unlike standard packages, we make your package, you choose what you would like our assistance with. We can be with you from the first venue to your final wedding day.

Innovative Event provides the following services for your wedding:

  • Venue Booking
  •  Designing & Printing of Invitation Card
  • Planning of Thematic Events
  •  Décor & Arrangment Event
  •  Catering Services
  •  Complete Venue
  •  DJ / Sound System
  •  Bridal Stages with Theme (Own your choice)
  •  Wood and Dance Floors
  •  Live Entertainers
  •  Dancing Groups
  • Cold Fire
  • Video & Photography
  • Car Decoration / Room Decoration /Home Decor
  • Valet Parking
  • Bouquets
  • Ex – Sofa Sets and Seating Arrangements
  • Wall Paneling with Thematic Décor
  • Candle Bar
  • Wedding Cake

Baraat is the procession of the family, relatives, and friends of the groom and they accompany the groom to the bride’s home for the official wedding ceremony. Than a Nikkah is performed.

“We do not remember the days we always remember the moments”

A marriage contract is signed by both the bride and the groom in presence of their parents and close relatives.

Walima  is the second of the two traditional parts of an Islamic wedding. The walima is performed after the nikkah  or marriage ceremony.  It means  to gather or assemble. Walima is used as a symbol to show domestic happiness in the marriages. While walima is often used to describe a celebration of marriage.

“Marriages are like fingerprints each one is different and each one is beautiful

One of the most important event  in marriages is the mehendi  ki raat. The beautiful bride-to-be adorns her hands and feet with designs made out of henna. The entire ceremony is a fun-filled event with every family member and close friends of the bride and the groom being a part of it. But, apart from being a fun pre-wedding ritual, the mehndi  ceremony also has a deep-rooted cultural significance to it. This event is traditionally held separately for the bride and the groom. The henna is symbolically placed on the couple’s hands. This ritual is supposed to bring good luck and longevity to the couple’s married life.

Musical activities and acting performances are part of the Mehndi celebrations. Elaborate dance sequences and competitions between the bride and groom’s families are also quite common these days. Traditionally, the Mehndi was considered a women’s event and men did not participate in it. However, this has changed substantially in recent times with males featuring prominently in the Mehndi celebrations as well.

“Millions Of tiny moments that creates your love story.”