Decide upon your target audience before anything else.

The first step – before doing anything else – should be to clearly define who your target audience is. From this, all other decisions will be taken into consideration in terms of format, content, prices, location, etc. This structured approach will also help you stay focused on achieving specific goals and not allowing the purpose to be too broad or watered down.

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Make a list of details — everything including lighting and public transportation, to content and refreshments.

Everything counts when you decide to organize an event in Pakistan. From the contents of the program, from lighting to transport and parking: everything counts. And your audience will attribute everything to you and … to your brand. Making a list will make sure you do not overlook things.

Have a clear business purpose for holding the event.

Before starting to plan a successful event, clarify why you’re doing it in the first place, because every subsequent decision should support your main goal. Is it to create awareness of your company or a particular product? Is it developing customer loyalty? Or do you just want to make money (which is fine too)? And make sure the team is aware of the purpose, so you do not have “scope crawly”.

Watch out for other industry events when scheduling.

Check the calendar. Make sure you do not plan your event or too close to the most popular holidays or vacation periods. It is equally important to check for the presence of other events that the target participants could visit.

Be flexible with changes in size, location and other details.

When you enter the event planning process, you may find that your event changes in size, location, and many other ways than initially expected. This is natural and perfect until you lose sight of the reason you’re doing all this work in the first place. Some flexibility is needed.

Know your limitations.

We all know that the goal is to launch a big live event. To this end, we must also be aware of what we can or can not realistically do – be it budget … or time-wise. If you decide to organize a live event in a week, plan a more intimate relationship. It’s a big event, prepare several months before. If your budget is low, you might have to counteract creativity and a lot of do-it-yourself work.

Create SMART goals.

Always start with the strategy. Just like building any business, big events start with a strong, weighted and measurable strategy. Live events are a great way to share your brand, connect with your target market, get feedback on your product (and much more!), But you have to know what you’re trying to achieve. Follow SMART goals and outline what you are aiming for. So be sure to proceed in line with achieving these goals.

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