Upcoming wedding trends

From grooms to dessert tables, brides and grooms are breaking the tradition and thinking outside the box for their wedding 2019. Here, we present some of the wedding trends that will be waiting for 2019.

Wedding Arches

WEDDING PLANNER IN LAHORE arches are one of the most recent wedding trends. Not only do they add a personalized touch to your decor, they also represent the doors to a new life that you and your partner will begin after changing your rings. The best parties, you can decorate the bow in many different ways. From balloons, branches, fabrics, garlands of paper and flowers, the possibilities are endless. However, the most popular variant are real flowers. If you are not sure which flowers would be best for your bow, a florist can recommend some options that will be the best for your ceremony. Roses, carnations, orchids and freesias are considered the longest flowers, which makes them the best options for your wedding arch.

Coral Pops

Although coral has been one of the most fashionable colors in the last five years, we will continue to see if it is going to 2019. The Pantone Color Institute recently announced that its color of the year is Living Coral, which is a very beautiful shade of coral. With golden nuances. Expect to see more of this color in wedding designs this coming year through linens, table runners, bridesmaid dresses and flowers. It is an excellent choice of color because it is warm and welcoming, but also versatile.

Double Wedding Bands

We have seen many rings piled up over the years, but many brides are now choosing to complement their engagement rings in a different way. Instead of placing the wedding band under your engagement ring, many brides are now choosing to stack bands on both sides of the engagement ring. While some brides simply prefer the symmetry of adding a band to each side of their engagement ring, others love that the symbolism of their engagement ring is sealed on each side. Many jewelers are adopting this wedding trend by offering bridal gowns that include two alliances along with their engagement ring. If you are not sure which bands look best with your engagement ring, the online jeweler, Blue Nile, offers many different styles of wedding rings online, making it easy to find the perfect couple without leaving your home.

Bridal Overalls

The monkeys provide greater power and confidence to the world of bridal fashion. Many designers were inspired by the idea of ​​wanting brides to feel beautiful and strong in something other than a classic wedding dress. Strategically placed lace, deep V, tailored blazers and sharp trench coats are just some of the many ways that jumpsuits are being eye-catching to create an elegant and bold look for brides who want to make a statement on their big day.

Post-dinner sweets

Dessert tables are considered one of the most important wedding trends next year. More and more couples are moving away from the traditional wedding cake and are opting for a more memorable dessert presentation. Donuts walls, cookie tables and cupcake towers, as well as delicious silver options such as chocolate cakes and strawberry pancakes, are just some of the many ways in which newlyweds make the Dinner sweets an event that has been talked about. Are you looking to start planning your wedding 2019? Take a look at our wedding services to help these next trends come to life on your special day

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